Design Series

We love teaming up with designers, artists, bloggers and creatives on home design projects. It is always a treat for us to see how the one-of-a-kind items from Woven in Vintage are used in their new homes. The Design Series is a new project for us, highlighting and learning more about creatives in the design field, both locally and across the country.


Paige Minear is the creative soul behind The Pink Clutch. I met her over email a few months back, and after a lovely phone call with Paige about my little business, I fell head-over-heels in love with Paige’s personality and style. Let me tell you – this lady is as smart and sweet as she is talented and chic. During the One Room Challenge, I teamed up with Paige and we picked out a beautiful Turkish rug with pops of hot pink for her daughter’s room, which was part of the big reveal. Her love of Palm Beach colors and Chinoiserie designs captivate me and I always anticipate what photo she will post next. Get a taste of Paige’s style below and if you’re looking for a little more color in your life, then you must join Paige on her Pink Clutch journey!

How did the Pink Clutch start?I started writing in 2007 when blogging was truly just beginning. The blog started for two reasons, I needed a creative outlet as a mom of three children and I wanted a place to share the items I was creating as part of owning a monogram business. When I first began it was more a journal of our daily lives and what that looked like as a family with a special needs child. As the kids got older and I stopped monogramming for others my needs changed for what I desired to write and read about. I started gravitating toward design, fashion and travel blogs and loved the inspiration it provided to me. When I launched the blog as a brand in 2014 I started writing exclusively sharing inspiration and the things that inspire me; design, travel, entertaining, fashion and the like. My goal is to share the things that inspire me with others while choosing to live a joy filled life.

How would you describe your design style? Since both my husband and I grew up in Florida we are both drawn to color, pattern and a beach vibe. He is from Jupiter and I am from Lakeland and we met in Orlando. We both grew up going to the beach weekly so the colors and sights we know so well are very evident in our home. It is Palm Beach chic with lots of vintage and antique pieces we inherited and picked up along the way.

What are your favorite design books or magazines?
I absolutely love magazines and books! Growing up I spent a lot of afternoons in a beautiful library and the smell of a book still makes me happy! Flipping through a new magazine or a book is very relaxing to me! I have subscriptions to House Beautiful and Vanity Fair which are my favorite although I also purchase Veranda, Garden & Gun, Coastal Living, Marie Claire and Architectural Digest on a regular basis.

My go-to cocktail to serve at a party is …I love to entertain and I am constantly trying new cocktails. I always have a bottle of Prosecco ready to add fruit and juice to on a moments notice. For a larger group I always serve a punch. It gives me the freedom to mingle and who doesn’t love a fun and colorful punch!!

Go to basics in home design? Fun lamps, great pillows, good blue and white porcelain, design books and always include flowers and a great candle.

I’m currently coveting …Way too many things … darling summer shoes, a cute clutch, great vintage sunnies and the best new summer dress!


A while back, I came across House of Six Interiors on Instagram. I was instantly drawn to the light, airy and bohemian inspired rooms that fill up this Instagram profile. After chatting with Tanya, the curator and designer of House of Six Interiors, we found her the perfect vintage, neutral rug for her home. We have loved seeing how Tanya paired our Turkish rug in her dining room and in seeing what new, intriguing finds Tanya discovers for her home. There is so much creativity, energy and love put into the design of her abode and into her posts and if you’re not following along – then now is the time! Learn more about Tanya’s style below and check her out on Instagram!

How did “House of Six Interiors” start? I have always loved interior design.  I was that kid that was constantly changing her room around growing up.  Whether it was moving furniture or changing out art.  After graduating, I moved to NYC and went into fashion.  Loved my time in fashion, but once I had kids, i knew i wanted to be at home with them….fast forward 10 years, the creative itch started to surface again now that my kids were older.  And it came back to interior design.  There is nothing I like more than to make a house inviting, stylish, beautiful and livable.  Livable is definitely key.  And with our large family, that’s how our house has to be.  Nothing is too precious that it can’t be touched or washed, etc.  So I looked at my family, the 6 of us, and said “this is what I am going to do for everyone else”.  And voila, House of Six was inspired by my own family.

What would you tell someone who doesn’t have a big budget in styling a room? You do not have to spend a lot of money to make a room feel and look like a million bucks.  Some easy and inexpensive ways to create a super stylish space- paint, plants, textiles.  A beautiful clean white wall, lots of fresh greenery and some pretty throw pillows can change a room in an instant.  Rugs are always a good option when styling a room – and there are so many inexpensive options these days.  And layering them is another way to add visual interest.  You can always choose a smaller, more expensive rug to layer over a less expensive jute or sisal and BOOM!  Having that small vintage piece will make your room look like it belongs in a magazine.

I collect … Vintage Rugs…. i shouldn’t but i do! and pillows. I think i have a textile problem!!

What is your favorite vintage item to decorate with? Rugs!  That’s an easy one!

What is your favorite room in your house? Our living room.  It’s where we catch up at the end of the day, where we read and watch tv, where we listen to music and have dance parties.  It is our everything room.

What are some things that influence you, aside from furniture and decor? My kids influence me on a daily basis.  I am in awe of them.   They literally amaze me on a daily basis.  Their unbiased, pure view on the world is absolutely inspiring.  I want to be my best self for them always. Nature inspires me.  I love its beauty and rawness.  I feel alive when I am outside and soaking it all in. My mom inspires me.  She is an incredible person.  I only hope I am half the woman she is.


In kicking off the first post of our Design Series, we are excited to introduce you to Sarah Gibson, the founder of the lifestyle blog, Room for Tuesday. This blog is everything amazing and I always swoon over her design style. Her color palettes and finishing touches to rooms are always warm, simple and classically chic. We teamed up with Sarah for her master bedroom makeover (spoiler alert: the makeover is beyond beautiful) and found this gorgeous neutral Turkish runner that goes perfectly in her bedroom. The calm, muted colors of this vintage rug could not have worked out any better for this space! Learn more about Sarah’s design style below and check out Room for Tuesday and follow along with Sarah on Instagram… you’ll be hooked!

How did “Room for Tuesday” start? Room for Tuesday technically began as a college design project (more on that here), but was officially “launched” as a creative outlet for me while I was working in the corporate design world. It also happened to align with the timing of my very first renovation. Initially I posted for friends and family to witness the renovating process, but it caught on as people became interested in our plans.

What do you think makes your house feel like a home? I’m a big believer in this… if you fill your home with treasures you’re naturally attracted to and love, it will be a happy, inviting place. Rather than following trends, find things that make you smile. As a result, your house will be a reflection of it’s inhabitants and you’ll be content in that environment. That’s not to say there aren’t a few interior design tricks that can help enhance the ‘cozy factor’. Soft, warm lighting is a must, along with blankets, throws, pillows, and textiles (ahem, rugs!!) immediately make a space feel more welcoming.

What would you tell someone who doesn’t have a big budget? Shop vintage and get thrifty! You’d be surprised at how far you can stretch a budget. I’m always trolling Craigslist (KSL in the west), and scoping out local estate sales. You can find some hidden gems for a fraction of the cost. I also encourage anyone on a small budget to put in the elbow grease and try some DIY options. Even with a minimal budget, try not to compromise quality. A couple well-made items are better than 10 pieces that will only hold up for a year or two.

Is there something you will never do when it comes to interior design? Ooohh… that’s a tough question! I’m sure there are a lot of things I personally will never do, but that’s design- it’s all personal preference. I will never install artwork too high (eye level, folks!), never buy a rug that is too small for a space, and never hop on the maximalist train- I hate clutter. My pet peeve is painters tape. I absolutely HATE it and you’ll never see me painting a room using painters tape. I can confidently say: that will never ever happen. It makes squiggly, uneven lines when you pull it off- not a good look.

What are your go-to paint shades? I honestly have never used the same paint color twice… not because I don’t love them, but because I like to experiment. Selecting paint colors are my jam. All of those color theory classes must’ve paid off because it’s something I really truly enjoy doing. Some favorites I’ve used in the past: Sherwin Williams Aesthetic White, Sherwin Williams Gray Screen, Benjamin Moore Black Panther, Benjamin Moore Blue Note, and Sherwin Williams Silverpoint. I also predicted the best colors for 2017- you can find that here!

Favorite materials or textures? Great question! I actually have a background in textiles… I love wool, cotton, and linen- basically anything natural or organic feeling. Those three materials are so varied and can look completely different depending on their weight and weave. In my opinion, they’re the most versatile textiles we can access.

Read more about the makeover and “get the look” here